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Top 5 Trending Contemporary Kitchen Designs in 2015

March 04 2015
March 04 2015


Whether you're looking to give your kitchen a fresh look in 2015 or you're remodeling for a resale, there's no doubt that kitchens can play a huge role in determining a home's value. Overall, designers predict that contemporary designs will continue to dominate kitchen trends in 2015 and even carryover into 2016. They also noted, based on a group of survey respondents, that industrial chic and mid-century modern kitchen designs were preferred amongst home buyers. Guess Eichler had the right idea when he was designing his homes back in 1950! In the year 2015, the kitchen's purpose will be more than just a room to cook meals in. It will act as the hub of all conversation, dining, social gatherings & leisurely enjoyment. With that being said, here are our top choices for contemporary kitchen trends in 2015.

1. Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets

First time hearing about Shaker style cabinets? Just to give you a brief background, the design originated from a religious movement that began in the 1770s and features a simple, timeless look that never seems to go out of style. Some trademark characteristics of Shaker kitchen cabinets include flat paneled doors with rail frames, study construction with quality wood and utilitarian designs. A reason why designers think this trend continues to remain popular is because people enjoy the textural beauty of wood and like to keep things traditional.  It's also a design that's universal and will fit into the overall aesthetics of any home.

2. Open Floor Plans


We've witnessed a major shift in preferences for open floor plans over the past several decades and it's a trend that's most likely to prevail in the long run. This type of floor plan combines the kitchen and adjacent living areas into a single, large gathering space where family members and guests can interact during the entire course of a visit, not just during the sit-down meal. An open layout is a great way to maximize space in a small plan and will provide the house with more natural lighting. With an open floor plan, it's important to keep in mind that the design of the kitchen should flow well with the decor of the family room since it forces people to look at the house as a whole. We recommend choosing a few accent colors in the family room and harmonizing it into the kitchen's color palette & design.

3. Bold Colors & Accents

Bold Colors & Accents

We've said it again and again to our clients and all throughout our Eichler posts: Don't be afraid to play with color. If you've had doubts about color in previous years, 2015 is the year to let go of those fears and give your kitchen a bold upgrade. Now we're not saying that you should paint your kitchen walls bright neon green, but a few splashes here and there (if it matches the overall design of your home of course) will create contrast to get the aesthetic look you're aiming for. Try painting your cabinets any bold shade (dark or light) in order to naturally draw the eye in and create a focal point. Be sure to balance out bold colors with lighter neutral tones throughout so that the look doesn't come off too intense.

4. Open Shelving


Want a more functional kitchen that feels open & airy? We are seeing a trend for more open shelving in kitchens, rather than wall cabinets, because it personalizes the area more while keeping the kitchen easy to use. Open shelving eliminates the extra step it takes to look through cabinets in order to find what you need and provides the home with a more lived in, warm feeling. In previous years, open shelving was used more so for display purposes whereas today it's used as a practical solution for kitchen space.

5. Gadget Friendly Kitchens


These days, it's hard to see anyone walking around without their smartphones. With smart technology on the rise, we're seeing a parallel demand for smart homes. In order to take advantage of this trend and really provide a unique value to your home, we recommend adding some features to your kitchen that'll make it smarter.  For example, incorporating charging stations within your kitchen design or installing a bluetooth-enabled device that allows you to search for recipes will give your kitchen that extra edge to help it stay ahead of the curve. What other ways can you think of to make your kitchen smarter in 2015?

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