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5 home improvements with the highest ROI

Many sellers take on home improvement projects before listing their Silicon Valley homes. Some improvements -- like putting in a new SubZero kitchen or adding a bedroom -- will cost you more than they will earn you back so it’s important to focus on improvements with high ROI. Below are five upgrades that have been proven to increase your home’s value when you list.


You may overlook your bathroom’s tired vinyl or your living room’s graying carpet, but we guarantee these lackluster floors will turn off potential buyers. Replacing your flooring -- including carpeting, vinyl and linoleum or wood flooring -- with modern options will go a long way at closing. In some markets, new wooden flooring has been shown to recoup 91% at closing.

Together, we’ll determine what types of flooring will work best in your home, and we can recommend flooring and carpeting specialists who can help.


After you’ve followed our staging tips and removed personal photos from the walls, you may realize that the your home could use a fresh coat of paint. Painting is one of the least expensive -- and most impactful -- improvements you can make as you prepare your home to sell. Focus on neutral, yet contemporary trending colors, so buyers aren’t turned off by any drastic design choices. Similarly, painting your home’s exterior will give it a fresh and enticing new look.

If your bathroom or kitchen features older wooden cabinets, you can consider painting them to match today’s modern design preferences. Painting your cabinets is a final decision, so be sure to chat with the Erdal Swartz Team to verify it’s the right choice for your home.


Whether they’re looking online or driving up to your home in person, buyers will pay close attention to a home’s curb appeal. Having a bright, inviting front door is a great way to set the tone for their visit. Consider replacing an older front door with a steel door in a brightly colored finish, or paint your existing door and add modern hardware and finishes.

Your front door isn’t the only entrance to focus on. If your garage door has been the backdrop to one too many basketball games, it may be time to replace it with a ding-free model.


According to the Department of Energy, 25% of heating and cooling costs for the average home in the U.S. is due to energy loss from windows. In eco-friendly Silicon Valley, energy efficient homes are in high demand, and buyers will pay more for homes with dual-pane windows. Other energy efficient features such as solar panels and Nest thermostats are also popular with buyers.


You don’t need to hire a professional landscaper to overhaul your entire property, but buyers are drawn to homes with clean, low maintenance landscaping. In Silicon Valley, buyers are also starting to pay attention to drought-resistant plants like ferns, grasses, Mexican feather grass and flax. We also use black bark for a stark, modern twist around in-ground plants. Instead of adding a walkway, consider concrete stepping stones that are placed in a path amidst your low-water plants.


Not every home will need major updates, so be sure to get a professional opinion before taking on seller-based home improvements. The Erdal Swartz Team is always happy to provide a free, no-pressure opinion on the home upgrades that will help improve your chances of selling. Reach out today for an expert evaluation.