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Eichler Home Experts

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Eichler Home Experts

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Welcome fellow Eichler enthusiasts!

We are three realtors who have the lucky opportunity to work with Eichler homes — and their amazing Eichler owners — every single day. When Nil started working with Eichler homes more than 20 years ago, they were greatly unpopular and undervalued (shocking, we know). Through our work, and the work of other Eichler enthusiasts in our community, we’ve brought awareness to these homes’ historical value and functional yet fabulous design. Eichlers are now one of the most coveted home styles in the Bay Area.

We’ve spent the last two decades buying, selling and advocating for Eichler homes across Silicon Valley’s Eichler neighborhoods. With over 225 Eichler home sales under our belt, our team is proud to be #1 in Eichler sales volume, per the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and recognized as Silicon Valley’s leading Eichler specialists since 2004. Our love of mid-century modern and contemporary design fuels our passion, while promoting the value of these homes in our communities gives us purpose.

If you’re looking to buy or sell an Eichler home, or just want to know more about these stunning properties, reach out today.


What is an Eichler specialist?


When hiring any agent, it's important to ensure they have these top qualities. But when you are selling or buying an Eichler home, you'll want to make sure your agent is truly an expert in every facet of Eichler homes.

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About Eichler Homes


Joseph Eichler was a pioneering home developer known for creating affordable yet innovative mid-century modern tract housing in northern California. Eichler’s signature concept was to “bring the outside in”, and his trademark features included floor-to-ceiling windows, open floor plans and even designated outdoor courtyard spaces. Read more about Eichler home design features.

We've spent the last two decades buying, selling and advocating for Eichler homes across Silicon Valley's Eichler neighborhoods

We have a deep understanding of:

  • Eichler’s history and architectural value

  • Structural components and construction

  • Remodeling costs and preservation options

  • Various Eichler neighborhoods, floor plans and models

  • Trademark features and idiosyncrasies

  • Mid-century modern aesthetic appeal

  • Minimalist interior design and landscape