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Essential Home Staging Tips

As you prepare your home to sell, it’s important to make sure its exterior and interior appeal to buyers with varying backgrounds and tastes. Within real estate, the process of aesthetically prepping a home for sale is known as “home staging.” Whether you hire a professional or stage your home personally, you’ll want to follow these tips before you place your home on the market.


Get rid of clutter

Buyers want to see living areas with room to spare and closets out of a magazine ad. Go through each room and storage area and toss or donate anything you haven’t used (or worn) in the last two years. Remember, this may be the best chance you have to get rid of extraneous items.

Ditch the personal photos and effects

Allow buyers to envision themselves in your home by removing or minimizing your display of personal photos.

Invest in new bedding and towels

Replicate the feel of an upscale hotel by purchasing luxurious new sheets, comforters and shams, and replace the hand and body towels in your bathrooms.

Paint every wall

For your money, nothing will make as big a difference as a new coat of paint on your walls. Paint most rooms a neutral color, and consider one accent wall to add a pop of color.


Replace bulky furniture

Maximizing space is key when home staging, so be sure to get rid of oversized side tables or chairs, or to replace larger couches and tables with sleek, modern rentals. If you invest in a professional stager, they’ll handle this -- and many of the other staging tasks -- for you.


Add some statement pieces

Add flair with larger art pieces that match the staged aesthetic of the home. You can also consider adding candles, accent pillows or small throw blankets to tie the room back together after you’ve removed many of the existing photography and knick-knacks.


Replace fixtures and hardware

Sometimes the least expensive updates make the biggest difference. Replace yellowing light switches and electrical cover plates with bright white versions, and change up aging light fixtures or hardware -- like drawer pulls and knobs -- to modernize any room.


Note that when you work with the Erdal Team, we have professional home stagers, contractors, and other professionals who can help us ensure your home looks its best on day one. In many cases, investing in professional staging may pay dividends at the closing table.

To get started with the selling process, contact us today.