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Earthquake Preparedness Tips

February 23 2018
February 23 2018
Drop.Cover.hold on. (1)

Lately, the bay area has been rockin’ and rollin’ with some minor earthquakes. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help protect your home and your family.

  • Strategize with Family: Make sure you have a family emergency plan. Designate a meetup spot if you get separated for some reason and have a plan for reuniting. You can also download certain apps on your phone, like the Red Cross Earthquake app, to communicate with other family members during an emergency.

  • Mind the Walls: Make sure that heavy mirrors and artwork are secured properly to the walls, especially in sleeping areas. Wall units and bookshelves should also be secured properly so that they don’t tip or come loose.

  • Know your Utilities: All family members should know how and when to turn off the gas, electricity and the water sources in case of damage. Tip: Attach a wrench to your gas meter so that if a leak occurs, it can easily be turned off.

  • Make a Safety Kit (or three): We all know that we are all supposed to have a go-bag at home, but do you have one at home or at work? An earthquake could happen at any time, so make sure that you are prepared wherever you are. Some essentials to include are fresh water, first aid kit, dry/instant food, batteries & flashlight, a change of clothes and some toiletries.

  • Drop. Cover. Hold On. When an earthquake hits, make sure that you drop to the floor before the earthquake knocks you down. Cover your head and neck with your arms to protect yourself from falling debris. Hold on to any sturdy covering so you can move with it until the shaking stops.

For some more information regarding the safety of your home, take a look at the Bay Area Earthquake Handbook. It’s full of useful tips!


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