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4 Step Buying Strategy


The Erdal Team’s #1 goal when working with buyers is to offer a unique, intuitive experience from start to finish.

For most homebuyers, purchasing a home will be the biggest investment they’ll ever make. The Erdal Swartz Team’s #1 goal when working with buyers is to offer a unique, intuitive experience from start to finish. Most buyers will experience similar milestones, but the process of applying for a loan, setting a budget, looking at properties and making an offer should feel personal.

If you’re hoping to buy a home in Silicon Valley, we’ve outlined the four basic phases that most buyers experience below. Keep in mind that your needs may be different than other buyers, and that’s okay! We believe in open communication and are happy to accommodate buyers who live outside the area or who have other unique needs.

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Gathering information and hiring the right people

Before you can begin the process of touring homes and making offers, it’s important to speak with the professionals who will help you along the way. Stage one is where you consult with a real estate agent and work with a lender to get pre­approved for a mortgage.

Meet with us for a buyer consultation

When you schedule a buyer consultation with the Erdal Swartz Team, we’ll quickly get you up to speed on the housing market and the trends we’re seeing within Silicon Valley home sales. If you’re new to the area, we’ll walk you through neighborhood options and discuss schools, parks and other quality­of­life factors.

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Get pre­-approved for a home mortgage loan

To submit an offer on a Silicon Valley home, you’ll need to be pre­approved for a home mortgage loan. Together, we’ll work to ensure you understand the full lending process and that you get the best financing package possible. Whether you have your own lender in mind or need a recommendation, we’ll be with you every step of the way.



Narrowing your search and touring homes

For many buyers, stage two is the best part of the entire process! This is when we review your criteria and determine any “deal-breakers”­­ plus, you get to start touring homes in person.

Identify your search parameters

In this step, we’ll go beyond price, bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage to identify what else you and your family need from your new home. Perhaps your kids want to attend a certain junior high, or you hope to live close to your work or a special set of grandparents. By considering these personal but logistical needs up front, you’ll have the best chance of finding a home that matches up. Our tried­-and­-true buyer’s checklist is a great starting point.

Filter your search to find the right properties

In addition to helping you filter through searches and online listing alerts to find homes that match your needs, professionals like the Erdal Swartz Team will keep you in the know about off­market opportunities or properties coming soon. We speak with homeowners and agents every day so we know what’s coming on the market before the listing alert goes out.

Tour top homes

Once you’ve found a home (or homes) that appeal to you, you can begin scheduling in­person showings. Seeing homes together will help us better understand your preferences, taste and living style, and in effect help us better locate the right home for you. This stage of the process takes some time and patience. On average, together we see over 20 homes with our clients and it takes buyers about 30 days of seriously looking at homes before they feel comfortable making an offer.



Making an offer and negotiating

Once you’ve settled on a property you like, the time has come to make an offer!

Review the disclosure package

Each property has a lengthy --­­ and often daunting --­­ disclosure package comprised of inspection reports, title documents, natural hazard surveys and more. We’ll de­mystify this packet to advise you on the potential for costs or upgrades you’ll have to make so you can structure your offer accordingly.

Check comparable sales and gather intelligence

Local market trends and recent sales of similar homes are often used to determine an entry bid, but the Erdal Team goes further to create the best bid. To get an edge on the competition, we chat with agents to find out the sales prices of “pending” properties so we know what homes are selling for today. We’ll also work to find out how many other buyers are interested and bidding on the home, and the terms that may entice this particular seller.

Prepare and present your offer

Now, we’ll craft the offer. A purchase contract is a legally binding document, so we take great care to ensure buyers fully understand every term contained therein. Each offer is uniquely structured to meet the needs of the property and its seller.

Negotiating with the seller

Once sellers have heard offers, they have the option of accepting one offer, rejecting one or all offers or proposing a “counter offer” to one or all offers. In the instance that you’re asked to enter a counter offer, strategic negotiation and a timely response is critical. At the Erdal Swartz Team, we can confidently say that negotiating with sellers is our forte. We relish the opportunity to compete for our clients, and to get their offer accepted.



Getting to the closing table

Managing dates and deadlines

Once your offer is accepted, things move quickly. We’ll create a calendar of important events to help keep you organized and on track for a smooth closing. The two most common hiccups in this stage are related to contingencies and financing. We’ll be sure to order your inspection and get your loan application submitted immediately to avoid unplanned or last­-minute issues.

Taking a final walk­through

Prior to closing, we advise our buyers to do a walkthrough of the property. If anything varies from the day the contract was signed, we’ll work with the listing agent to remedy the issues before closing.

Signing loan and title documents

After they’re prepared, your loan documents will be sent to the title company. We’ll be at your side as you sign both the loan documents and the grant deed prior to closing.

Closing on the title and moving in

On the closing date, the grant deed will be recorded with the county, and the transfer of title is confirmed. You’ll get keys to the home from the listing agent, and you can begin moving in!

Our job doesn’t end at escrow. We have a list of trusted vendors, including movers, painters, interior decorators and contractors who can help you ensure your move and transition is as smooth as possible.

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