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7 Trending Home Designs You'll Definitely See in the Bay Area in 2016

February 15 2016
February 15 2016


Bay Area Home Design Trends

It's all over the news: The Bay Area is setting the real estate market on fire with thousands of people flocking to the area each month wanting to take advantage of the booming economy, pleasant climate, and active lifestyle. Although all this media attention has definitely come with some perks, one of the more recent perks being that the Super Bowl 50 was hosted right here in Santa Clara, it also comes with a certain level of expectation.  Bay Area homes aren't just known to be ridiculously expensive for nothing. Everything from the interior decor to the stunning outdoor features, adds to the value of a home and people from all across the nation look towards Bay Area homeowners to lead the way in deciding which trends will sell.  We're here to talk about what those trends are and shed light to this evolving market place of innovative home designs. Feel free to add onto the list in the comments below if you think we missed something ;)

1. Midcentury Modern

Midcentury Modern

One design trend Bay Area residents are almost all too familiar with is midcentury modern and we're going to expand on this a little more in detail than the others since it's our area of expertise. Every year, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) hosts a show called Best in American Living Awards, which offers a look at the latest styles in home design and furnishings. To no surprise, many of the newest trends this year are old favorites in the Bay Area and the rest of California. One of the awards this year recognizes the influence of midcentury modern home detailing, perhaps best exemplified by the distinctive architectural style of Eichler homes found throughout the Bay Area. For some of our newer readers who aren't familiar with Joseph Eichler, he was a real estate developer who built thousands of homes in the 1940s through the ’60s. They were fashionable yet affordable, often featuring glass walls, post-and-beam construction, and open floor plans, and even today they continue to turn heads. What the awards called attention to was this aspect of "indoor-outdoor convergence", a staple feature in all of Eichler's designs.  “What was once a distinct line between two living areas has been replaced by floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls and screens,” the NAHB noted. “Residents now have the ability to transition their own living spaces by both visually and physically moving between indoor and outdoor spaces.”

In summary, it looks like taking the old and making it new again is a trend that'll never go out of style. It's so exhilarating to watch contemporary designers from all over the world build upon Eichler's original designs, adding their own creativity and unique flare to it. If you're looking for more details on how to capture the essence of Eichler's interior design palette, refer to our blog post here.

Midcentury Modern2

2. Monthly Home Subscriptions

Okay this isn't necessarily a design trend in particular, but it's a rave that seems to be making its way into every market. We've all heard about the monthly subscriptions for makeup samples or healthy snacks, but did you know that there are now subscriptions you can take advantage of to enhance the interior decor of your home each and every month? It comes as no surprise that automation is becoming a popular trend, especially here in the Bay. After all, who wouldn't want a monthly pick-me-up for your home to keep it feeling fresh all year round? Here's a list of some of the subscriptions that have been making their way into numerous Bay Area homes:
  • This Little Light: Fill your heart and home with inspirational, artistic, hand-selected home decor made by Christian based businesses. This Little Light Box will be delivered directly to your door step once a month! Share how you used your products and what items you would like to see included with #LITTLELIGHTLOVE
    • Price: $44.95/month
    • Website:

This little light
  • My Blank Space: Experts in the joy of fine living bring you candles, art, stationery, frames, and glam desktop accessories to help you turn your blank space into glam space.
    • Price: $20/month
    • Website:

My blank space
  • GlobeIn: Delight yourself and your loved ones with a globe in a box - a monthly subscription of highly curated, artisan-made products from around the world.
    • Price: $99 + $33/month (3 month subscription)
    • Website:

  • The Bouqs Co: A monthly subscription of sustainably grown, artful floral arrangements of your choice. Keeps your home smelling and feeling fresh all year round!
    • Price: $40/month (standard bouquet)
    • Website:

The Bouqs Co

3. Copper Bath Tubs

Copper Bath Tubs

Freestanding copper bathtubs are becoming one of the most sought after bathroom trends of 2016. We again see another old school trend emerging from the past with a modern day flare. eHomeowners are starting to remove their built-in bathtubs and replace them with the more elegant style of freestanding tubs and walk-in shower. "Good quality materials like this are a great investment because they will never go out of style," states London-based interior designer Gemma Gordon-Duff of Gordon–Duff & Linton. Here are some reasons why you'll want to invest in a PURE copper tub:
  • Copper Bathtubs Are Easy To Care For: You will be delighted to know that pure copper tubs require no maintenance! Pure copper virtually takes care of itself
  • Copper Bathtubs Are Antibacterial: It has been found that copper surfaces eliminate more than 99% of bacteria known to be human pathogens within just two hours.
  • Copper Bathtubs Heal Themselves: Your copper bathtub will not scratch any more or any less than any other material but unlike other materials, copper actually heals itself
  • Copper Bathtubs Become More Beautiful As They Age: When left untreated, copper interacts with the environment will start to deepen in color and tone over time

4. Retro Tech

Retro Tech

Technology is softening its edges and moving away from the impersonal, hard lined approach of the past. Like the early domestic technology of the 1950s and 60s, the latest devices are part of the furniture. Samsung’s Serif TV is bringing back the mid twentieth century concept of the stylized TV. With its I-shaped profile and a magnetic fabric panel at the rear that conceals messy wires and plugs, Serif is challenging the perception of what a flatscreen TV should look like. Packaged in a soft-edged, stitched leather carry case that blends 1960s styling with cutting edge technology. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the design firm behind the Serif TV, alsorevamped Samsung's Smart TV interface into something it calls "curtain mode." This pulls a fabric-like filter over whatever the TV is showing and offers a simple menu with Bluetooth speaker functionality, apps, a photo gallery and a simple clock mode. Is it just us, or is this on everyone else's wish list as well?

5. Statement Pendant Fixtures

Statement Pendant Fixtures

In 2016, the first thing to catch your attention will be the statement light fixtures in every home. These fixtures will be an enhanced reflection of the 1970's, where we notice the past meets present once again. New York-based hospitality designer and entrepreneur Stacy Garcia states, "The relaxed, free-spirited nature of that era has been attractive to the fashion industry and has quickly moved towards interiors as well. Many design elements of the 70s were bold, raw and globally-fueled, as a response to the changing social and political environment of that time."

6. Barn Doors & Eccentric Colors

Barn Doors & Eccentric Colors

Barn doors are definitely trending right now, and we're seeing them in a variety of places within the home. There are just so many ways to introduce them into a space for example your kitchen cabinet doors or the entrance to an adjoining room. While barn doors may have once been used almost exclusively in small spaces that couldn't accommodate a swinging door, that is not the case today. Nor are barn doors strictly limited to the rustic/reclaimed look that once defined the feature.

7. Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

With the world of technology moving towards an all-in-one gadget that has the functionality of multiple gadgets, it makes complete sense as to why furniture in the Bay Area is moving towards this direction as well. I mean, why purchase a couch that simply acts as a couch when it could also be a mobile phone charger, remote control and alarm clock all at the same time? Seasoned retail and trade show editor Heloisa Righetto of trend forecasting and analysis service WGSN Lifestyle predicts a move towards furniture that facilitates numerous different activities. "Although multifunctional furniture is not a new concept, these added functions are becoming more intuitive, more fluid and less about novelty."

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