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10 Modern Pet Furniture Ideas to Accentuate your Eichler Home

August 18 2015
August 18 2015

Dog house



Lets face it: We treat our pets like our children and more often times than not, we like to spoil them. Every time we walk through the doorsteps of our home, we know we have a furry friend anxiously waiting to greet us and that unconditional love can sometimes drive us to do some over-the-top things. I mean common, you can't tell us that we're the only ones seeing more and more pets featured in Christmas cards each year. Heck one of our former clients threw a dog-themed Christmas party last year just so her pug would be able to join in on the holiday festivities. The point we're trying to make here is that our pets somehow make our homes feel more like home, and in that sense we feel inclined to do the same for them. If you think about it, your pet probably spends majority of it's time at home so you want to make sure they feel comfortable while you're away. And if you consider your pet to be apart of the family then surely you wouldn't want to segregate them by getting dull furniture that looks tacky in your home. For Eicher and all midcentury modern homeowners alike, the key here is to utilize your pet's furniture to accentuate the breath-taking features of your home. Hey you might even be surprised to find out that your pet's actually a midcentury modern enthusiast just like yourself.

We've gathered a list of some modern, and quite frankly super trendy, furniture pieces for your pet that we think would look great in any contemporary home. Although we know there are owners of many types of pets out there, we mainly focused on furniture pieces for dogs and cats. Feel free to ask questions about furniture ideas for your specific pet in the comments section and we'd be more than happy to throw some resources your way :)


1. Old Suitcase


Okay.. not only does this match a midcentury modern home to the T (It'd look especially appropriate in an Eichler home) but it's also something you can make yourself! If you happen to find an old suitcase laying around, you might want to just dive in on this easy DIY project. Just remove the top portion of the suitcase, use a screwdriver and some nails to attach pegs to the bottom of it and place a fluffy pillow inside. To make it standout a bit more, paint the suitcase with an eye-catching color like red or orange. Just make sure that the color matches with the interior color scheme of the rest of your home. It'll be a project your pet will love you for.

Click here for full instructions

2. BowHaus Modern Dog Crate

Modern dog house

The optimal goal for your pet's furniture is to somehow get it to blend in with your own furniture. Doubling as an elegant modern end table and a dog den, the Bowhaus handles double duty flawlessy. The BowHaus home for small dogs by DenHaus makes style top priority with a powder-coated steel design that also functions as a side table. The starburst design provides ventilation while maintaining a cozy feel for its four-legged inhabitant. Modern dog crate furniture should be designed to appeal to your dog’s instinctive desire to retreat to a cozy and safe space, while also appealing to your desire for a modern look and feel.

Price: $599.99
PurchaseBowHaus Dog Crate

3. Bambu Hammock Bed


If we can enjoy the therapeutic sensation of swaying back and forth in a hammock as the motion brings on a light breeze, we're sure your pets can too. This miniature version of a hammock was made especially for pets using eco-friendly materials such as sustainable exotic strand bamboo. We especially love the materials used for the design of the hammock because it showcases the natural beauty of the bed with simplicity and elegance, which is essentially the key concept used in every Eichler or midcentury modern home design. The hammock even has a reversible cushion that comes in various modern colors.

Price: $199
Purchase: Bambu Hammock

4. Padpod - Elevated Luxury Bed


Two British developers really studied their market before coming out with their innovative product called the Padpod. From their research, they've discovered that both cats and dogs prefer an elevated position when lounging and sleeping. The padded interior walls of the Padpod provide both comfort and insulation ensuring a cosy nest-like environment with clear lines of sight. The padpod has been designed to harmonize with contemporary living, with sleek lines, high gloss shell and luxurious upholstery. Have you ever seen a pet bed more sleek than this? This pet bed might even inspire us to get a matching one for ourselves. **Available for both CATS & DOGS

Price: $599
Purchase: Padpod

5. Hidden Dog Bowl Drawer

dog food drawer

It can get pretty messy leaving your dog's food and water bowl just laying around on the ground. So why not make the most out of your space by turning the bottom of an old drawer into a hidden pet feeding station? The best part about this multifunctional piece is that the bottom drawer can be used for the feeder while the top drawers can be used for storage. All you’ll need is an old dresser, a jigsaw, plywood, sandpaper, some paint and a couple tin bowls to start this fun DIY project for your dog.

6. Cubix Modern Dog House


If you're the type of owner that likes to go above and beyond for their dog, then this house is the perfect investment. We can't get over how sleek and stylish this modern dog house is..and how much it actually resembles an Eichler home for dogs. Look at how the raised roof and floor-to-ceiling glass windows reflect the aesthetics of an Eichler. It’s made from quality varnished wood and features break-proof window glass that is resistant to all types of weather conditions. Available sizes include small, medium, and extra large.



7. Zen Platform Bed


Since platform beds seem to be so popular and common in modern homes these days, why not get your cat it's own personal zen platform bed? It literally looks like someone took a queen sized bed set and just shrunk it to fit your cat's size. It even has nightstands on either side of the bed with drawers and bedding and pillows. Some might say this is a bit much for your cat, but to us it sounds like the purrrrfect bed for an awesome night's rest for your kitty.

Price: $1000


8. Hidden Litter Box


Cats are very cute and cuddly but they have several needs you have to take care of. They need a litter box and finding a good spot for it can be a problem. If you don’t want the litter box to ruin the aesthetic of your home, you could opt for something like this. It’s a piece meant to conceal the litter box, giving the cat privacy and hiding the box from children and other pets. It also acts as a corner piece for your home so the multifunctional aspect of it makes it even more appealing.

Price: $144.99
Purchase: Hidden Litter Box

9. CatsWall CurvyNest

curvy nest

Sculptural yet simple, this piece would definitely look great in any modern home. It’s designed to offer cats a fun and modern place to sit and nap and to enjoy their private space. If you own more than one cat, this is the piece for you since several cats can use it at once thanks to its balanced and elastic design; It's like a 4 story apartment for cats! The height of the rooftop is also perfect for cats to interact with people.


Price: $400 - $500


10. WohnBlock Cat Bookcase


Cat owners that also have bookcases in their home know that these little fluffy pets love to climb on shelves and fall sleep there or simply sit and observe everything from up above. This bookcase was designed specifically with that in mind and meets the modern demands of design and aesthetics. Clean lines are the mainstay of the bookcase's design and lends a sculptural characteristic to it's form. It has carpeted inserts on the shelves that you can customize to your cat's needs and playing habits.

Price: $1500 - $1800

For more information on modern pet furniture ideas to accentuate your midcentury modern home or Eichler home, Contact the ERDAL TEAM today.


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