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Blog Archives: February 2018

Earthquake Preparedness Tips

February 23, 2018
Pelin Erdal
Lately, the bay area has been rockin’ and rollin’ with some minor earthquakes. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help protect your home and your family. Strategize with Family: Make sure you have a family emergency plan. Designate a meetup spot if you get separated for some reason and have a plan for reuniting. You can also download certain apps on your phone, like the Red Cross Earthquake app, to communicate with other family members during an emergency. Mind the Walls: Make sure that heavy mirrors and artwork are ...

Candy-Free Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

February 09, 2018
Pelin Erdal
We know kids get a ton of candy on Valentine’s Day, ours certainly do. So we thought it would be fun to round up some of our favorite non-candy gift ideas that we think your kids will LOVE just as much as chocolate! Girls' "whole lot of love" sweatshirt or this "heart breaker" T-shirt for boys - Adorable tops for your kids to get into the valentines spirit. Grimm's Little Pink Wobbly Stacker for baby -Colorful stacking toy designed to help little ones polish up their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In My Heart: ...

The Stock Market: Should you be worried?

February 08, 2018
Pelin Erdal
Another wild day today of trading in stocks has sent many into panic mode. While I don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad news, this bumpy and highly volatile ride could continue for a while longer. But not to worry. The reality is that, over the long term, declines in markets are equalized by general uptrends. From what we’ve read and heard, the trick is to avoid making portfolio decisions based on emotions (we know this is hard) or short-term swings. So sit tight and strap on your seatbelt. To help us put things in perspective, here is an ...

New 2018 Tax Law Implications on Current and Future Homeowners

February 08, 2018
Pelin Erdal
Just days before Christmas 2017, Congress approved and President Trump signed in law sweeping tax cuts and tax reform laws that would go into effect on January 1, 2018. “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” has thrown everyone for a loop. Inundated with calls about how to navigate the changing tax landscape, tax specialists, CPAs and financial advisors themselves are still trying to fully understand the new tax laws! Obviously, the big question on most people’s mind is, ‘How will the new laws affect me?’. Well, as any tax expert (who actually takes ...