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San Jose offers some of the most charming yet affordable Eichler homes for South Bay Area Eichler buyers. Yet what ultimately draws buyers to the San Jose Eichler neighborhoods is the sense of community and camaraderie. San Jose’s Fairglen Eichler neighborhoods was featured in this Eichler Network piece which described its “infectious neighborliness” . Summer Block parties and holiday get together are a common occurrence, and there is even an annual Eichler Home Tour to showcase notable homes in the neighborhood. Although there are five distinct enclaves of homes built from early 1951 to 1962, there are three main tracts that make up the San Jose Eichler neighborhood.

Fairglen, the best known San Jose Eichler community, is located in the Willow Glen area and was built out in three phases, all within ½ mile of each other. Most of the Fairglen Eichler homes are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, yet the interior and lot sizes vary distinctly within each tract. The Fairglen Eichler homes that fall within the Booksin Elementary school boundary historically fetch higher sale prices.

The first phase of Fairglen Eichler homes consists of 30 homes built in the coveted Dry Creek neighborhood, on Adele Place and Margot Place. These streets are appropriately dubbed “ginko glen” for their beautiful Ginko tree lined streets. You instantly feel the close knit community when you’re here.

The second phase was built from 1958-1960 and consists of 210 homes on Booksin Ave, Fairglen Dr, Briarwood Drive, Andalusia Way, Fairorchard Ave, Fairlawn Ave, Fairwood Ave, Fairhill Ln, Fairvalley Ct, Fairlawn Ct, Fairgrove Ct and Fairoak Ct. All the homes in this phase are 4 bedroom floor plans that range from 1400-1750 sf, with modest lot sizes of approximately 6000 sq ft. Most are atrium models, some with pitched roofs, others with flat roofs that steps up to 10’ ceiling in the living and dining room.  You will also find a few courtyard models and a handful of Eichler homes with an (ever so controversial) second story addition.

The final Fairglen phase was built in 1961 to 1962 and consists of 100 homes located on Hudson Dr, Comstock Ln, Frobisher Way, Raleigh Dr and Dumbarton Ave. Here you’ll find homes ranging from 1500 sq ft courtyard models to 1765 sq ft atrium models.  All of the atrium models here have two car garages, (as Joe Eichler started to move away from the carport models). The lot sizes range from 6000-8000 square feet, which is average for South Bay Eichlers. However if you’re looking for a larger lot, something to note is that the lots get deeper on Hudson Dr as you move from Meridian towards Dumbarton Ave.

Fairhaven, is a tract of 57 Eichlers that rarely become available, and thus are highly coveted. Historically the homes in Fairhaven have sold similarly to Fairglen, but in recent years the average sales price per square foot has jumped significantly. This is a great little pocket of homes walking distance to the revived WestGate Shopping Center and El Paseo Shopping Center. Built in 1962-1963, these San Jose Fairhaven Eichlers are located on Student Lane, Mossbrook Avenue and Mossbrook Circle.  All are atrium models, ranging from 1671 sf for the ‘1 car garage-1 carport model’ to 1785 sf for the two car garage model. Lot sizes are about 6500 sq ft, except for a few on Mossbrook Circle that are as large as 9800 sq ft.  Here is a great example of a Fairhaven Eichler on Student Lane, with a lot of the quintessential original Eichler paneling.

Morepark is the most affordable South Bay Eichler neighborhood and thus a popular “starter” neighborhood for new home buyers who desire an Eichler home or just a more reasonable price point. The tract was built in 1952-1954 and consists of approximately 60 homes, all of which are 3 bedrooms that range between 1000 -1600 square feet, like this one on Goodwin Avenue.

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